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(Heritage foundation)

I could not think of a better title to summarize the mental fecal matter that has spewed forth the last few decades. You can look anywhere and these almost omnipresent dens of delusion have their two cents somewhere in every disaster the American people have suffered.  Devoid of any sense of worldview,  having merely a "back yard" view, they have beset the planet with their lunacy, both foreign and domestic.

These scabs on the human race are repeatedly employed by the government and multi-national corporations, to steer the American people in the direction of profit at any cost and to complete any elite agenda given as a mandate to what is supposed to be a government of, for, and by the people. The arms of corporate media are open wide to these vermin, and the halls of power in Washington are teeming with them.  They are proof positive that you can prostitute any given discipline for the right amount of money.

(Funding breakout by elite use)

These selective imbeciles are used to influence the opinion of the people (not just here, but all over the world),  they write in newspapers and appear on TV shows and can be heard across America on the overindulged field of "talk radio." The write reports as "academics," supposedly debunking anything but the view of the status quo, as an example on the Iraq debacle. They are corporate darlings that are in the employment of big oil,  trying to derail any ideas regarding clean air which might infringe on big oils profit margin, and so on.

(American Enterprise Institute droppings)

They are the self-proclaimed champions against "liberal academia," and they want a Burger King slogan type of education - "have it your way" and live in a bubble of fantasy academics.  They are the crusaders for the "family," while they promote the destruction of that very unit by their support of corporate and elite ideas which will divest them of any tools for survival. They provide politicians with the citations that propel us down the fascistic road of destructive empire.

They brought you the destruction of a livable wage, and the thoughts and language that disemboweled the work unions.  At the same time they bring the anti-gay (in the name of the family) harangue, and the anti-abortion brigade. All in all there is about 80 of them that have had unfettered access to Washington, and are the brain of lobby's which grovel for corporate pork. They say they have the right "values," but their message translates into an unmerciful and self-serving quagmire that just serves the few at the expense of the many.

(Center for Strategic and International Studies)

They have "experts" that know what the rest of the world needs, here we have and expert telling us what Central America needs - and it is not  freedom nor independence from the "National Security Interest" which always equals the enrichment of the Fortune 500, and is enacted by the "National Security State." This always translates into the impoverishment of the target country(s), the rip off of their resources, and the exploitation of the work force.

They are the people who have unleashed the atrocities that followed 9/11, that have brought this army of "think tanks" to the fore, indeed, the very people who wrote this piece of trash PNAC come from those stinking septic  tanks!  They have marshaled an entire army of "thinkers" that reads like a who's who of these tanks. They come from academic disciplines, orientalists which vilify your view of over a billion people of Islam.

It has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people!  It has domestically gutted the budget for the care of the American people, and once again, all it does is enrich the few elite. Here are some of the names and affiliations of the authors in alphabetical order:

Morton Abramowitz - Century Foundation
Elliot Abrams - Heritage Foundation
Richard V. Allan - Hoover Institute
Nina Jensen - Bang - Coalition For International Justice
Roger Barnett - National Institute For Public Policy
Gary Bauer - American Values
William J. Bennet - Heritage Foundation
Jeffrey Bergner - Hudson Institute
Dick Cheney - American Enterprise Institute
Steven C. Clemons - New America Foundation
Seth Cropsy - Heritage Foundation, AEI, Hudson Institute
Helle Dale - Heritage Foundation
Midge Dector - Heritage Foundation
Nicholas Eberstadt - AEI
Edwin J. Feulner - Heritage Foundation
Hillel Fradkin - Heritage Foundation
Reuel Gerecht - AEI
Bruce Jackson - International Institute For Strategic Studies
Mark P. Lagon - AEI
Lewis Lehrman - Heritage Foundation, AEI
Todd Lindberg - hoover Institute
Edwin Meese - Heritage Foundation
Joshua Mauravchik - AEI
Richard Perle - AEI
Danielle Pletka - AEI
Donald Rumsfeld - Hoover Institute
Henry Sokolski - Heritage Foundation
John Tkacik - Heritage Foundation
Malcolm Wallop - Heritage Foundation
Paul Weyrich - Heritage Foundation
Larry Wortzel - Heritage Foundation (director)
Dov Zakheim - Heritage Foundation

These are all part of well known members and contributors, but it also has less well known foundation members, various cousin media connections,  those with personal financial interest, and those with government agency connections. With just the major foundation members mentioned it's 129 published contributors on their web site, they represent about 35%.  The link can be found HERE.

Posted at 02:36 pm by deadringer


When we look at prejudice in the world I think it is important to understand that there are two things going on. First, you have an elite which uses this to their advantage, marshals a cadre of so-called "scholars," with a pliant cloistered corporate media - which may not even be racist. Than, second, you have those who are the recipients of this elite propaganda, which actually believe what is being portrayed about any given people. The elite come in two flavors, ruling and non-ruling (corporate) elite.

The elite are primarily interested in wealth and the power that comes with that wealth - it is the ultimate addiction. They use racial prejudice in several ways - to naturally divide a people whether the people live domestically together, or in different countries. By doing this they ensure no one unifying to undo their monopoly of however they are accumulating wealth.

Than you have the dupes that swallow the elite swill, everything which the elite put into action. The prejudice that is promoted by these lies is bad, but you wonder what is worse - the people who have swallowed the racist trash, or those who promote the trash through official major media (owned by the elite), and who turn a nations institutions against these people so that they appear in a bad light. One does it for money and power, and the other believes it because they are systemically sledgehammered!

These two elite work in concert with each other (ruling and corporate), the state is merely the instrument with a visible face of the government. Let me give you one example of a part of the elite apparatus - law enforcement. Law enforcement and it's counterpart, the judicial system, is applied differently to certain races - both brown and black.

All you have to do is look at the prison system, you will find a majority of black and Latino let's say for drug related reasons (as an example). However, if there was an equal application of the law you would find more white people, but you don't (majority application).

This is because all of the law enforcement is put in the communities of color - on purpose, it is like a standing army. Statistics tell us that drug use is prominent among the white population (aprox. 73% the majority), and respectively both black and Latino is less than 20% and the minority - because of the disproportionate application of law enforcement, and it's aggressive actions in communities of color, you find people of color filling the prison industrial complex. There is no war on drugs, poverty, terrorism - just a war on certain people!!

Needless to say, this use of racism and division is to advance the power of the elite. How? First, it endears a certain part, the privileged to the elite (whether they are aware of this or not). Second, it ensures that by debasing one part of the population that there is more crumbs to throw to the "privileged (while they stupidly thank God they are not like 'those people')," and the crumbs look like cake to the masses because of the disenfranchisement of other races (foreign and domestic).

Third, it allows the elite to continue in their oppression because they have used both major corporate media and the states institutions to give the appearance of the inferior nature of the targeted race. The elite try to put a smoke screen up about the use of this weapon by allowing a very tiny (less than a fraction of 1%), but very visible fraction to "make it"(visible on purpose - entertainment, sports, business, politics, etc.).

Plus, it does not matter which ruling elite you look to, they both serve the rich and powerful - the conservative rides his patriotic pony as he divests the poor, the liberal puts a band aid on the death blow given to the poor and minority, the democrat lays the foundation and the Republican builds the edifice - good cop bad cop on steroids!

This is bad enough when it is used domestically, causing both the disenfranchisement, destruction, and death of specific races. If you look very carefully at the targeted races, you will find what I said earlier - people of color. Which is worse, racists or the elite that use this as a tool? They are both bad - but the ones who promote it for financial gain need to be wiped off the face of the earth!

In the foreign sphere the countries of origin are not poor, they are very rich countries in resources, it is just the people that are poor by the exploitation of the corporate and ruling elite! Africa continues to be raped, because it is very rich in resources - we find central and south America rich in resources being assaulted (look for the attack on Venezuela soon), and the new comers - people of "Middle Eastern" descent, who we are ramping up with a racial and prejudicial campaign. IF YOUR NEIGHBORS  CAN  BE DEMONIZED WITH PEOPLE BELIEVING IT,  CAN'T YOU SEE IT IS MUCH EASIER TO DO IT ON FOREIGN SOIL? THIS IS DUE TO THE BUBBLE EFFECT CREATED BY ELITES IN THE OFFENDING COUNTRY.

Looking at this in the light of the recent immigration issue, it is just another ramp up of the same elite racial divide story (see my previous articles, "Walkout," and "Where's The Future!"). The junta of ruling and corporate elite plunder countries south of our boarder, setting up veritable dictators and a small aristocratic core in these countries - the people flee here, where there is some democratic landscape still left intact (created by the people, not the government) - but eroding swiftly. The enemy are the entrenched elite that remove viable jobs and opportunity with global so-called treaties, and they use minorities as the scapegoat!

The question of the hour (or the centuries for that matter) is what are the people going to do about this? Are you ignorant of the fact that this process employed by the elite is the same the Nazi's employed? Will they continue to be duped and blinded by the elite illusion of race and threat? Will there be a massive awakening where we will stop this nonsense once and for all?


Posted at 05:45 pm by deadringer
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Behind the wall, far away in a field, a child cries, for his eyes long to see the touch of a loving family of his own -

Chased down the streets of desire he lights upon the warmth of a flame, but he cannot stay, for he only knows the way of coldness -

Not able to open his eyes he stumbles through life, and can hear the sighs of others unfulfilled dreams. Which way should he go down this road through terrible lands, walking upon glass on bended knee, yearning to be free -

Some hold signs but their whole design is to deceive - so he falls into traps that mercilessly snap and tear the flesh from his legs -

He learns to crawl like a snake, slithering through menacing hands, he traverses the land, looking for destiny -

Now being so terribly cold he fears he will never know that which he seeks, so he floats upon the murky waters of what he conceives life to be, neither seeming friend or foe can find his heart, feeling about in the dark, of what will sadly never be.

Posted at 07:02 pm by deadringer
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Welcome to the corporate media service, guaranteed garbage 24 hours a day! A well informed people are a well armed people? Than we are the most helpless and exposed people on the planet. Non-stop mind job, turn the TV channel - same thing, same subjects, same coverage - SAME LIES. The public air waves owned by a few corporations, whose interest is the interest of the few, the elite, "those who know whats best for you." Freedom of speech? It does not exist, it is a myth - who has access to truth?

Truth is not aired, this revolution will not be televised! Without the platform to be heard  there is no First Amendment - it is a another myth! What really counts gets no air time, or a passing mention so you can forget or assume that what is vital is unimportant.

Every government department, local-state-federal, gets a makeover! Oh yeah, they are fighting for your protection - they really care for you, and they are all doing everything in their power to serve you, bullshit.

Where did the police departments come from? Have you ever seen a show about that? Did they just arise from the sheriff's department, as an extra added arm of law enforcement? No, I'll tell you where they came from - in the North they came from the hired ranks of thugs used by corporations to split the heads open of working people on strike! What about the South? They were the armed gangs hired by the landed/moneyed slave holders to capture the run away slaves!  This is just one tiny example among many.

Boy, what roots eh? Ever heard of it on TV? Was it taught to you in school? No....when there is a strike who do the police show up to oppress - the corporate owners?


Please read this carefully - these agencies are not here for you, they are here for corporate/moneyed interests, the monolithic corporate media is here to re-write history for you and to mis-direct you. It is a disinformation conglomerate, it tells you lies that it calls news and than it proceeds to play before your eyes fantasies of why all of these agencies exist.

They, these agencies, are here to eat your substance out and to divest you of any so-called unalienable rights that you think you have. The media is here to make sure you believe these lies. They play over and over again, in their TV entertainment programs, a mirror image of what society is supposed to be - what is right and wrong, what is good and what is not good, and what you should desire to attain.

The corporate media is part of the war machine. Indeed, corporate interests have investment in war as well as their media face - it is an unholy alliance! They have psyops agents, ex CIA and FBI sitting on their staff (by the way, the FBI came from Pinkerton Detectives - you know, the guys that protected the interests of the railroads and banks? All moneyed concerns, etc). Their interest is to elicit the war spirit, and to get you to follow along like sheep to the slaughter.

I could go on forever about the evils of monolithic corporate media, but it is up to you to come to these conclusions - I am only presenting facts. What can we do? It is up to us not to support the corporate drones, and to provide alternate media like GNN Guerrilla News Network, as an example you can find their site HERE .

In the meantime it would be worthwhile to start a concern to take back the airwaves from these corporate whores who pay pennies on the dollar to fill our minds with lies and junk - it's a sweet deal, they get to make a bundle of money as long as they broadcast the lies of those in power.  As a Democratic Revolutionary movement, we should demand that these corporate whores be charged more for the use of the airwaves. That the money generated by this taxation should be put in an alternate media fund for the people's access - without government regulation.

The FCC has proven itself to be an agency of corporations which bow to the powers that be - they have done nothing but further consolidation of media ownership in order to further control the flow of information. After all, it is easier to control a few obedient big owners who have equal interest of the enriched few, than to try to control a plethora of questionable (questionable to the the powers that be) owners!

A group independent from government should be formed, and their sole purpose is to be a voice of free speech for the people. So plug your ears, turn off the media garbage, and resist this onslaught of disinformation. What the eye see's, and the ear hears, the mind believes.

Posted at 10:15 pm by deadringer
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When the countries which are supposed to be the "leaders" of the world fail to bring a resolution and peace to the central hot spot, the major eyesore of the Middle East, it is time for others to step up and fill the gap. It is way past time for those nations, which have repeatedly voted in favor of UN resolution 242 and 181 and the right of return, to step up to the plate and give substantive support in public with real time actions toward the recognition of Palestinian sovereign statehood (put your actions where your vote lies).

It is way past time for the peace charade to end, too many people have died because of the game of mere appearance with no reality.  By this time it should be clear the the United States can no more broker an even handed deal between the parties of Israel and the Palestinians because there plainly is NO intention to do so.

One has only to look at the peace plans strewn over the landscape, they are patently disingenuous and in favor of Israel.  Even when there was a ray of hope, in the middle of these muddled and one sided agreements, Israel scuttled the process by wanton acts of violence and intolerable activities.

The plain fact of the matter is that Israel does not want peace,  there is no acceptable peace partner because Israel dreads peace, and when there is a partner whoever it might be (any warm body will do) the terms become intolerable - and these terms are embraced by the supposed "neutral" United States as the said "impartial broker" and it's European allies. It is an absurd seesaw which remains as the only game in town.

If it is not the ridiculous accusation of the supposed Palestinian leader who is rejected out of hand as a "terrorist," while Israel practices the same terrorism - it is you must recognize Israel as she exists today, embrace all of the previous agreements which have been extracted from a former corrupt Palestinian leadership, and totally disarm. 

In other words recognize Israel in all of her acts and current illegal usurpation of the Palestinian territory, accept previous agreements like Israeli duty to "keep law and order" in the occupied territories (as one example), disarm yourself (Palestinians) while you are indiscriminately attacked daily, with NO similar demands upon Israel, and other such complete nonsense which leads to nothing but the further demise of the Palestinian people!

So stop all of the fake photo opts, it is time to remove the United States as the "impartial" broker, and the allies of the developed world as the cheerleaders of the sick game.  It is time to replace these disingenuous intermediaries with countries that have recognized and voted for the real peace process that recognizes UN resolution 242 and 181, the Palestinian right of return, and the unmolested independent state sovereignty of the Palestinian people turly enacted and jealously protected. It is time to move from mere rhetorical condemnation (indeed, way past time) to solid action.

The first and foremost reason why the Palestinians cannot achieve independence is because of Israeli oppression - if it cannot reach the minimum requirement for statehood than the impediment MUST be removed. The Palestinians cannot achieve effective government control when their duly elected leaders are not recognized, and the Israeli Zionists go so far as to kidnap and assassinate them! 

They cannot engage freely in foreign relations because they are hemmed in and restricted by an illegal occupation. How can they establish control over a population when they are curfewed to death, their forces are compromised by movement, and they are crippled by design? It is impossible to establish the basic criteria of Statehood under these conditions - therefore there must be concentration on removing the purposeful Israeli impediment! When this is not addressed by those who are supposed to be "independent peace brokers" and the status quo remains it is doomed to nothing but "predetermined" failure.

So back to my original premise, it is time for these nations which have voted against the injustice against the Palestinian to people to make an end run around the hegemonic game of the peace process. It is time for the majority to step out of their UN nest of comfort and DEMAND that other players enter the fray of this not negotiation, but FULL PUBLIC RECOGNITION and active participation in the Palestinian nation. To denounce the disingenuous process of the ethnic cleansing, and eventual national genocide of the Palestinian people - because this is the end result of the current course if it is not stopped.

Yes, it is time to free Palestine, because Israeli Zionism and it's willing collaborators - the United States and Europe, are nothing but ALTERNATE PRISON GUARDS! Western hegemony well knows that this conflict, this brutal murderous occupation, is the key to debasing and subjugating the Middle East through puppet regimes. As long as they can grind the Palestinians face into the dirt they prove what they will do to all nations in the region if they revolt. This is the key to peace in the Middle East, this is the knot that must be cut, it is the chain that must be broken.

So I PETITION the nations who feign sympathy by the UN vote to step outside the self-imposed bounds of hegemonic control, from beneath the tyranny of economic threat and slavery. Do this en mass, the faltering empire cannot disown all, and cannot afford to appear further unrighteous in such a acute cause.

I PLEAD with those countries which suffered under the cruel yoke of colonial and neo-colonialism in the name of humanity, by everything that is just and true FREE PALESTINE! If I were a man of God, as Romero was, I would COMMAND you in the name of the Almighty to act swiftly and decisively to free Palestine.  We have nothing to lose but our subjugation to an unjust empire, and we have a new independent and sovereign nation of Palestine to gain and the peace that will ensue.



(close to 50% of the population are children)





"The mark of Cain won't sprout

from a soldier who shoots

at the head of a child

on a knoll by the fence

around a refugee camp--

for beneath his helmet,

conceptually speaking,

his head is made of cardboard.

On the other hand,

the officer has read The Rebel;

his head is enlightened,

and so he does not believe

in the mark of Cain.

He's spent time in museums,

and when he aims

his rifle at a boy

as an ambassador of Culture,

he updates and recycles

Goya's etchings

and Guernica."



Posted at 01:18 am by deadringer
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It should be no surprise that the government that was framed as having been derived from the people will be seen as a cruel joke in history on the American people. In light of recent events, to name three as an example - total clandestine surveillance of the American people, and tracing their financial activity, and the destruction of habeas corpus - we should recount how far we have fallen from our supposed beginnings.

I imagine there are some who think that a Constitution written by a monied elite would eventually trickle down to the masses, now those with that wish are like a pile of bones bleached white in the desert of their anticipation. So, why should there be any outrage over the current atrocities like unchecked surveillance, or the destruction of habeas corpus?

People fancy themselves as free, it was an original concept, or at least a foundational hope of the American people - and those in power voiced it back to them in the founding documents. The opposite of freedom many saw as slavery, or having to answer to a visible despot that held complete sway.

In the old world the only people who had to carry papers to identify themselves were slaves, which proved their ownership to a given master. However, as time progressed we have allowed ourselves to be so identified that we are no better than those in early slavery.  We say that it is for the purpose of identity - but we find ourselves legally in the position of slaves because to whom is our identity proved?

(Regazzo - The Essense of Slavery)

We have allowed our institutions, our government, to reverse it's at least "stated role," of being built for our benefit - it has become the master. It becomes the master when it penetrates with a watchful eye all the activity of the people. That which was created to serve the people, in the name of War (it always has it's excuse) enslaves the people.

Rather than a diligent people that watches it's government, we have become a people who are watched by the government. We have a government that does not listen to the people per se, but to a propertied elite. An elite which protects itself through numerous "legal findings" as a corporation(s), which is now a super-person(s).

We are slaves because we really own nothing, that is, we own nothing as it was originally conceived at this nations beginning. There used to be an ownership of, let's say, real estate in an outright sense - it was called "allodial ownership." That was the real "ownership society," now the ownership society consists of your ass being owned!

Go look it up in a dictionary.....wait a minute, let me save you some time, you will not find it there, because it has disappeared from common English language. It meant that one could own their land and homes FREE from FEE'S and DUTIES. Free from taxation, or entities that could place liens on your property.

Everything that is good, and was supposed to be for the people, has gravitated to a small enclave of elites. Some say that a plutocracy and a democracy cannot co-exist, but was there ever a true democracy?

The only thing current modern governments stand for is for those who are of the propertied, by the propertied, and for the propertied. Propertied in the sense that they are the only ones listened to, and are able to hold sway so that rule is always in their favor (not just someone who thinks they "own" some property).

I could go on and on about why you should be outraged. The real reason we should be outraged is that everything this country is supposed to stand for regarding the people is a lie, it has been a lie from the beginning!

What we are experiencing today, with this surveillance and documents like the Patriot Act is the mere outward expression of what we have been living as a reality for a long time. Those in power are emboldened - what was once done in secret is now in the open. What we have to decide is simple - will we be a nation of good little slaves to an engorged elite, or will we be a free people. I AM CONVINCED THAT THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE FOR "A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM," AND THIS TIME IT MUST REALLY BE FOR THE PEOPLE!

As I began to read the lyrics to the song "For The Workforce Drowning," written by the group Thursday they gripped me. I knew when i read them that I had to write them down for you to read. They depict the pain of the wage hour worker in this merciless, and almost hopeless system of capitalism. This is probably the most revolutionary music I have heard in a long time. Read them for yourself:

Falling from the top floor your lungs
fill like parachutes
windows go rushing by.
People inside,
dressed for the funeral in black and white.
These ties strangle our necks, hanging in the closet,
trapped in the cubicle;
without a name, just numbers, on the resume stored in the mainframe, marked for delete.

Please take these hands,
throw them in the river,
wash away the things they never held
please take these hands,
throw me in the river,
don't let me drown before the work day ends.

9 to 5! 9 to 5!

And we're up to our necks,
drowning in the seconds,
ingesting the morning commute
lost in a dead subway sleep,
we lie wide awake in our parents beds,
tossing and turning.
Tomorrow we'll get up
drive to work,
single file
with every day
like it's last.
Waiting for the life to start, is it always just always ahead of the curve?

Please take these hands
throw them in the river,
wash away the things they never held
please take these hands,
throw me in the river,
don't let me drown before the workday ends.

Just keep making copies
of copies
of copies
when will it end?

It'll never end,
'til it gets so bad
that the ink fills in our fingerprints
and the silhouette of your own face becomes the black cloud of war
and even in our dreams we're so afraid the weight will offset who we are
all those breaths that you took have now been canceled in your lungs.
Last night my teeth fell out like ivory typewriter keys
and all the monuments and skyscrapers burned down and filled the sea.

Save our ship
the anchor is part of the desk
we can't cut free,
the water is flooding the decks
the memos sent through the currents
computers spark like flares
I can see them.
They don't touch me,
touch me.

Please someone,
teach me how to swim.
please, don't let me drown,
please don't let me drown.
(when you are done listen to the song again, or read this as you listen)

Posted at 05:45 pm by deadringer
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After reading and listening to the disgusting nonsense of Christian Fundamentalists at the recent AIPAC circus - EXAMPLE HERE,  I thought that this particular post might ring true. Particularly taking aim at these "highly moral" Christians that have devolved into animals.

Never in history has so much power been invested in an administration who's leader claims to be a "born again" Christian.  However, the Church in the United States has always given the complete support of this country's less than "Christian" agenda.

The savior it (US Christianity) claims, was himself the victim of imperialism (instrumentally) and he supposedly stands in the midst of those who claim his name, but they support in fact the very spirit of imperialism that persecuted their savior. That which began in direct contradistinction to all despotic power outside of Christ's reign, throughout history has sided with the powers that have afflicted mankind.  However, they  (Fundamentalist Christians) materially support murderously rapacious Empire.

To be fair, throughout the ages the Church has supported tyrant's and kings as they lauded their divine right, and stood in unsullied robes at the death and destruction unleashed upon the people. It has been, and remains in many instances, an avid supporter of the doctrine of manifest destiny.

They blessed and prayed for soldiers at the beginning of our twisted history in the states, as they slaughtered innocent indigenous people - old men, women, and children post swift! Now they support the massacre of what they consider the "wholly other," in classic orientalist form, as if they were reading from the Nepoleonic "Description de l'Egypte," having sized up the whole of over a billion people and finding them wanting, and deserving of death.

The Church supported and encouraged the scourge of slavery. It was used as a tool to quell the natural uprising against this grave injustice. Slavery is but capitalism raw, there is little difference in the sentiment. 

Using the bible to bless  the view of the inferiority of races, and in the classic sense pronounce  some to be made of gold, others of silver, and the remainder as iron worthy to be driven by the whips of their superiors. Such is the base and vile vision of the people of God?

The church is used as "the opiate of the people," not that it needs to be such - but the powers that be rely upon it to maintain an oppressive status quo. It is the mere veneer of religion that is painted over the face of a capitalistic nightmare in the US.

It (the Church) has little to no prophetic voice today, and those who do are either killed or banished from her ranks. It is a collective Judas who sells her claimed lord for filthy lucre.

The Church has sold you into bondage to the will of an elite few, it is a further blindfold (one of many) that keeps you in the dark regarding the designs of those who "know what's best for you." I do not discourage you from seeking God (no matter what I think) - but why not seek God in what is good and right for humanity? I would say anything which seeks to split the love of God from the love of fellow human beings is the ultimate heresy (my observation).

This includes those who seek to enslave and exploit others for their financial gain, it is not merely acts of individual hatred but that which is also state sponsored, it is not only the abandonment of the poor, but support of a moneyed elite and the empowerment of armed aggression. In light of this truth, the church that sits in silence implies complicity - it is a mere shell with no substance. It would seem that the very one they claim would spew them with disgust out of his mouth.

Posted at 05:47 pm by deadringer
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Have you ever wondered who funded who in a political race? What would you give to know what your neighbor supported? Why, you do not have to give anything, not with "Fundrace."  This represents the 2004 presidential race, as well as Party giving (Democrat, Republican). It even has where they spent that campaign money, what hotels and major airlines were used?. It has the top democratic buildings and republican buildings in 2004 major cities.

With Fundrace you not only get maps which show the density of who gave to whom, take for instance, in the 2004 presidential race - all you have to do is put in your zip code, or a name and location and you will get the information you need.  You might get a surprise, do people always put their money where their mouth is? Or, are they sneaky bastards who say they are either liberal or conservative, but when push comes to shove who do they give to? Hell, you could even put the name of a famous person in there, why not? You might get lucky.

What's great about this site is that it also shows which corporations supported who, if the money was given at work. Wouldn't you like to know who helped to put that ass hole George Bush back in office? It might be a big surprise to find out that nice neighbor just support jackass George who called up your son and daughter to serve in the war in Iraq.  With Fundrace there are no secrets!  WHY NOT SEE WHAT THAT CORPORATION YOU INVEST IN DOES, WHO THEY SUPPORTED, IT MIGHT GIVE YOU SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT WHERE YOU INVESTED YOUR MONEY.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I will just come out and boldly state the obvious - it is time to clean house in the leadership of America, and for that matter, the entire West.  This administration is so desperate I don't know what they will do next to keep the war on terror going.  It seems like their target is Iran come hell or high water.

(Neil Shakespheare, his site HERE )

It is like a plot is building, from a slow simmer to a five alarm fire, and it looks like they want to bring out the "limited tactical nuclear weapons" next. They can't seem to get enough demonization going, and cannot sate their thirst for Muslim blood.

(Decline of the American Empire,  Diedre Defanceceaux HERE )

Some believe that you can let things lie as they are, or maybe take up the onerous process of impeachment - but that process is too long, they need to be stopped now, before more people die.  They have already received ample advice, the counselors have been plenty telling them to stop this suicidal course, but they don't listen - they just huddle in the proverbial oval office.

America is being fenced off from the people - not like this just started yesterday, it been a long time coming and it is reaching disasterous climax. Your government, the whole system is in sync with this madness.  If the corporations want it than the people are just annexed off, your representatives don't listen - they fall over each other to fulfill the dreams of other "persons," corporations are the new "we the people."

The people and a participatory government cannot co-habitate with an empire and plutocracy, either one or the other has to go.  This is the position of true patriotism, cheering for the present team and it's course is faux patriotism where it truly becomes "the last refuge for scoundrels."  I CANNOT IMPRESS STRONGLY ENOUGH UPON YOU THE URGENCY OF WHAT I AM SAYING, IF WE DO NOT MOVE THE PEOPLE LOSE!


(Jimmy knew how wrong the war in Viet Nam was, he served, watch the pain on his face as he plays)







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Yes! You too can buy a home in the occupied territories, no fuss no muss,  stake your claim on property that does not belong to you, on stolen property. These brokers come right to the good ol' USA, and if you happen to Jewish, and you have some money - it's no problem! A good portion of this post is brought to you by the ADC, The American Arab Anti-Discrimination League.

"Washington, DC | March 15, 2007| "Amana, The Settler Movement," an organization which describes itself as part of the settlement arm of Gush Emunim, is trying to convince Orthodox Jewish Americans to buy settlements (which are illegal under International law) in Israel. In addition to violating US anti-discrimination and civil rights laws, these events promote discrimination, endorse apartheid, and the illegal sale of Palestinian occupied land.

Under the guise of a "real estate fair," they claim that the purchase of an illegal settlement is a "zero risk venture." They also allege, "Your investment is insured, protected and 100% legal." These fairs are not open to the general public, only to members of the US Jewish community.

What they fail to mention is that, one third of these illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank are built on privately owned land, as reported by official Israeli statistics. Without regard to land ownership or international law, Amana has already sold eight homes in the illegal settlements. Ranging in price from $93,000 to $165,000 the settlement homes are then rented to settlers for $250-400 per month.

They have already held one such fair in Teaneck, New Jersey, and now other fairs are planned the in Boca Raton and Surfside/North Miami Beach, Florida on Sunday, March 18. Ten illegal settlements will be represented, making Palestinian land available to Jewish-Americans, but not to Palestinians, Palestinian-Americans, or non-Jewish Americans.


The first event begins at 9:30 AM at Chabad of Boca Raton, on 17950 Military Trail in Boca Raton, Florida.

The next event, also in Boca Raton, will begin at 12:00 PM at Boca Tov Cafe (Dairy Cholov Yisroel), at 21065 Powerline Road.

Later that afternoon, in Surfside/North Miami Beach, at 4:00 PM, the Shul of Bal Harbour, will host a settler real estate fair at 9540 Collins Avenue.


Please contact the following public officials to express your outrage at this event. This event promotes discrimination, endorses apartheid and the illegal sale of Palestinian occupied land, in addition to violating anti-discrimination and civil rights laws. Included below is are talking points and a sample letter.


1) The advertisement and sale in Florida communities of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories may violate Florida, federal and international law, including Florida Civil Rights Law, Fair Housing Act, sections 760.23 and 760.25 and the Federal Fair Housing Act.

(What's on the other side of those walls? Illegal settlements)

2) Pursuant to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory, states are prohibited from transferring civilians from the occupying power's territory into the occupied territory, and from creating permanent changes in the occupied territory that are not for the benefit of the occupied population. There exists broad international consensus that all Israeli settlements in the West Bank including those in East Jerusalem - violate the Fourth Geneva Convention and are, therefore, illegal according to international law. Any sales of settlements are presumably illegal.

3) The illegality of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has been affirmed by the UN Security Council in Resolution 465, the International Court of Justice, the world's highest legal body, in article 120 of its July 9, 2004 advisory opinion (http://www.icj-cij.org/icjwww/idocket/imwp/imwpframe.htm ), and by several major human rights organizations worldwide. Not only did the US government repeatedly affirm this position throughout the 1970s and 1980s, but the Israeli Supreme Court has acknowledged de facto its validity by ruling that the West Bank and Gaza Strip are under "belligerent occupation" in 1979, 2002 and 2004.

4) The possibility that the rental and sale of Israeli settlements at these events in Boca Raton and Surfside/North Miami Beach, Florida may also contradict US government foreign policy as outlined in the United States Government's "Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" which, in Phase I, requires Israel "to freeze all settlement activity (including natural growth of settlements)." www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2003/20062.htm


I am writing with great concern about the proposed sales of Israeli settlements (settlements are illegal under International law) by Amana in Boca Raton and Surfside/North Miami Beach in Florida.

If these illegal West Bank settlements are being sold in Florida exclusively to people of the Jewish faith, and not to members of other religious and ethnic groups, including Palestinians, or if the advertisement of such sale expresses, directly or indirectly any discrimination against other religious or ethnic groups, such sales or advertisements may violate state and federal discrimination laws, including Florida Civil Rights Law, Fair Housing Act, sections 760.23 and 760.25 and the Federal Fair Housing Act.

The Geneva Conventions outline the responsibilities of an occupying power under international law. Pursuant to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory, states are prohibited from transferring civilians from the occupying power's territory into the occupied territory, and from creating permanent changes in the occupied territory that are not for the benefit of the occupied population. There exists broad international consensus that that all Israeli settlements in the West Bank including those in East Jerusalem - violate the Fourth Geneva Convention and are, therefore, illegal according to international law. Any sales of settlements are presumably illegal.

The illegality of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has been affirmed by the UN Security Council in Resolution 465, the International Court of Justice, the world's highest legal body, in article 120 of its July 9, 2004 advisory opinion (http://www.icj-cij.org/icjwww/idocket/imwp/imwpframe.htm), and by several major human rights organizations worldwide. Not only did the US government repeatedly affirm this position throughout the 1970s and 1980s, but the Israeli Supreme Court has acknowledged de facto its validity by ruling that the West Bank and Gaza Strip are under "belligerent occupation" in 1979, 2002 and 2004.

The United States, as a High Contracting Party to the Fourth Geneva Convention, has both general and specific obligations with respect to the implementation and enforcement of the Geneva Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The ongoing failure to act to hold Israel accountable to its obligations as the Occupying Power constitutes a breach of these obligations. Aiding and abetting the commission of an act which is considered a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions, such as the transfer of civilians to occupied territory, constitutes a war crime under international law and under the US War Crimes Act of 1996.

Finally, we wish to draw your attention to the possibility that the rental and sale of Israeli settlements at this event in Florida may also contradict US government foreign policy as outlined in the United States Government's "Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" which, in Phase I, requires Israel "to freeze all settlement activity (including natural growth of settlements)." (http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2003/20062.htm)

Once again, I urge you, in your capacity as a public servant, to ensure that these planned March 18, 2007 event in Florida does not violate local or international laws, nor contradict US foreign policy.

Thank you for your attention to these important issues.


-Boca Raton Mayor Steven L Abrahams, (561)393-7700, sabrams@ci.boca-raton.fl.us , Fax:(561) 367-7014

-Boca Raton City Manager Leif Ahnell, (561)393-7700, BocaCM@ci.Boca-Raton.fl.us , Fax: (561) 367 7014

-Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, (850)-414-3300, Fax: (850) 410 1630

-Boca Raton, State Attorney, Barry E. Krischer, (561) 355-7100, StateAttorney@sa15.state.fl.us, Fax: (561) 355 7274

-North Miami Beach Mayor, Raymond F. Martin (305)-957-3062 Fax (305) 787-6036

-North Miami Beach City Manager, Kevin Klopp (305)-948-2900 Fax: (305)
957 3602

-North Miami Beach, City Attorney, Howard Lenard (305)-787-6004 Fax
(305) 787-6004

-Congressman Alcee Hastings Contact Information (for Boca Raton residents) capwiz.com/adc/bio/

-Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Contact Information (for Surfside


-Senator Bill Nelson Contact Information capwiz.com/adc/bio/

-Senator Mel Martinez Contact Information capwiz.com/adc/bio/

-United States Department of State- International Law Division (202)776-8342









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