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spotless conceptions
And Mary said to the angel, "How will this be, since I am a virgin?" (Luke 1:34) Read Luke 1:34-35. Mom and dad made most of the Christmas cookies in our house. Sure, they let us use cookie cutters and sprinkles, but for some reason that's all. I always thought five little boys would have been a really big help measuring out ingredients and mixing them together. Did it really hurt if you put in two cups of salt instead of two cups of sugar? (I couldn't understand why mom threw out that whole batch of dough and sent us out to the living room.) When it came to Jesus' conception, the angel told Mary the Holy Spirit would do all the work. He will come upon her and use His miraculous power to bring about Jesus' conception. Just as a cookie recipe requires the correct amount of sugar and salt, God's recipe for our salvation required His Son to be conceived and born of a virgin. Every human born of a human father and mother inherits the stain of... (more)

Campus Kitchen Day 8
So today was my last volunteer shift at the kitchen for the semester! We made a meal for the english class that takes place in Glat just like last week. Today it was mac and cheese that we actually put crushed cheez-its on top as a sort of topping which was interesting because I had never seen that before. Then we made some brownies and cooked them in a cupcake sheet pan which was weird but still worked. Then we packed the bags for the families again, except this time we had lots of food to use. Because it is the end of the year we are trying to get rid of a lot of the donations we have so the bags were very full. In some they were overflowing and we had to use another bag which was very good actually knowing that these families would be very appreciative to see how much they were going to get. The whole second half we spend slicing tomatoes actually. We made a tomato and onion salad for the meal and then we sliced the rest of the tomatoes and made it into a sauce just to do... (more)


Wah~! Laju betul masa berlalu.. Kejap je da friday.. Finally i can catch up on my sleep over the weekend.. If my mum tk kacau lah.. "Kak~! Bgn~! Ikut mama gi jemputan.." Coz i can nvr decide on what to wear.. Baju yg itu jgk dipakai.. N i dun really like to wear baju kurung.. Baju kebaya da kecik coz yana da makin montel.. Ape tidaknya.. Mkn mlm.. Lepas tu tido.. Haha~! Paperwork kat meja yana ni makin hari makin meninggi.. Tak tau bila ada masa nak clear.. Everytime yana terpikir nak OT jer, pagi2 my mum da ckp, "Balik nnt beli mkn.. Mama OT.." (-_-") Terbantutlah plan yana nak OT. Bila my mum tak OT plak, yana yg malas.. Haish... Nasib nasib.. Oklah.. Yana end my entry here.. Ciaoz..

the last round table
IN honor of Katherine Moore’s farewell visit to Westhaven there was to be a special meeting of the Girl Scouts of the Round Table in Memory Frean’s House in the Woods. After all, circumstances had been more powerful than Kara. The doctors had agreed that a sea voyage and a consultation with certain eminent surgeons in Europe would be helpful. So Kara had decided to accept the kindness from a stranger who might have played so different a r?le in the last twelve years of her life, but was now deeply anxious to make amends. In any case Mr. Moore had intended going abroad for the summer with Lance McClain. He explained that he wanted Lance’s companionship, having developed a keen interest in him and wishing him to have the best possible musical education.

an announcemen

AN occasional early spring day was making its appearance in the Connecticut valley. Only a few faint spears of green showed on the long, pointed fingers of the willow trees, a bursting of the hardiest buds on the lilac bushes, while the pussy willow was enjoying its usual triumph, the first harbinger of the approaching season. As a matter of fact, when the Girl Scouts and their Troop Captain set out on their afternoon hike, except to eager and trained eyes winter was still chiefly in evidence. In out-of-the-way places there were thin layers of ice with the melted water showing beneath. The skies were gray, with rare streaks of blue, the atmosphere had the clear sharpness of recent frost, the wind blew with a definite chillness. The group of twelve girls and their Captain were on their way to Beechwood Forest, where they had spent the previous summer in camping.

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