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sharp will provide the lcd screen for apple ipad pro
On August 20, Beijing time,According to Taiwan, The Times of electronic, industry news, apple 12.9 inches "the Pro" will use the sharp display.Foxconn's Internet fly technology (General Interface Solution) will be responsible for the Pro touch module production, laminating and liquid crystal display module assembly. Reported that the Pro will be at the end of the third quarter before put into production, in the fourth quarter to enter mass production. Sharp will provide the Open Cell LCD screen, and the flying technology to bring GF touch panel. Apple chose to sharp and Internet technology as the Pro suppliers, because foxconn is close to apple, and foxconn and sharp again there is a partnership. Reported that Samsung corp., Samsung Display and TPK technology will serve as the Pro sub suppliers. Among them, the Samsung Display screen and liquid crystal Display module assembly, responsible for supply TPK touch module production. , to the second half of this year, the Internet... (more)

Sepi itu indah???
Hakikatnya walaupun aku ada org untuk aku luahkan kasih sayang, namun aku merasakan kehidupan sendiri lebih baik...kemana aku hendak pergi dan apa yang aku hendak makan...semuanya mengikut kata hati sendiri...dan aku kadang rasa bebas dan jika mengikut apa yang hatiku berkata...aku terasa santai dengan kehidupan aku...ya..santai...namun aku perlukan teman untuk meluahkan apa yang aku rasa dan feman teman yang memahami ataupun pendengar agak ramai seperti azam, naza dan haji harun...mmmm ... Aku dah pergi ke hq untuk interview keje baru aku dan aku brrserah sekiranya dapat atau tidak...aku sangat yakin tuhan berikan yang terbaik pada diri aku dengan dugaan dan juga masaalah aku alami dia tahu keri,itan aku akan di atasi dengan ok. Namun aku berserah. ..hidup bebas dan penuh dengan aktiviti kawan kawan...dan adakalanya aku bersedia untuk menghadapi nya sendiri dimana mungkin kawan ber jauhan ataupun sibuk dengan hal masing masing. Apapun aku akan alaminya...satu perkara apabila aku... (more)

Regalame una vida
Regalame una vida de paz, una vida hecha Regalame una vida de amor, de alegria Regalame una vida de viento, de aire Regalame una vida de paz, de amor, una vida real Regalame una vida de consciencia, de compasion Regalame una vida de arte, de cultura, de danza, de expresion. Regalame una vida de serenidad, de perdon. Regalame una vida de fluidez, de Dios. Regalame una vida de salud, de libertad, Regalame una vida de luz, de luz pura, de agua cristalina. una vida sin miedos, de valor Regalame una vida de verdad, una vida que valga la pena Regalame una vida de comunion contigo, conmigo, con mi hermano Regalame una vida plena, de gratitud, de paz.

Earl Gray Pencil
Like a Child
Some things in the Bible make more sense the older one gets, especially when it comes to milestones in life. For instance, having a child of my own has shed light on what it really means to receive the kingdom of God "like a child". Children are so wonderfully trusting, forgiving and unwaveringly bold. That is, until their trust is horribly shattered and abused, but I digress. Ask a child about the world around her, and she will boldly and proudly answer with all the truth she knows. "But how do you know?" you ask her. "How do you know the sun will rise in the morning when you have no evidence to prove it?" "Because." she will answer with conviction. "My daddy told me so." And that's all the proof she needs. It seems kind of silly for a grown man, though. Doesn't it? What with all the new scientific developments, climate change, earthquakes, wildfires, a roller coaster stock market, and a world economy that looks like it could take the plunge any minute. We read the passages of the... (more)

Daily Devotion
Words To No Profit
King James Bible Daily Devotion – Learning Scripture One Day At A Time Date: Monday, August 31, 2015 Chapters: Ezekiel 13-15 Message Title: Words To No Profit Hello My Friend, Prophets, Holy Spirit filled men and women inspired and commanded by God to announce future events. Before Jesus came, God used prophets to speak to His people and the world about His blessings and judgments based on their faithfulness or unfaithfulness to Him. Now that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer and receiver of Jesus Christ, He appoints men and women to teach His Word. He does not appoint them to predict future events as some still believe this. Not every person that teaches His Word is true, in fact, there are thousands of men and women all over the world teaching about God and Jesus yet few are Holy Spirit filled and appointed by God to do so. So, how do we tell the real prophet from the impostor? Vain babbling. “Of these things put them... (more)

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